Schedule fixed [Edit]

We've passed the deadline for details to go into the Programme Booklet.

The main Convention reception area will have sign-up sheets for all games in the Con, including all GT games. (You can pre-sign here with priority, but once the Con starts, all games are open to all-comers).

Contact Neil: saxum.caribetum{at} about sign-up sheets etc.

Grand Tribunal 2009 Schedule [Edit]

The Constitution Draft Programme is now on-line. The Grand Tribunal itself now has its own, too:

Grand Tribunal Charity Raffle [Edit]

We will be selling tickets for the Charity Raffle to be drawn 1330 Saturday. Remember the draw involves picking your prize - if you can't be there, do not buy tickets unless you understand the system!

A formatted version of the programme is available instead of the summary below:

Programme [Edit]

Friday [Edit]

Saturday [Edit]

Sunday [Edit]

Schedule Details [Edit]

We've passed the deadline for details to go into the Programme Booklet, so the Wiki includes updates beyond what will be printed.

The main Convention reception area will have sign-up sheets for all games in the Con, including all GT games. (You can pre-sign here with priority, but once the Con starts, all games are open to all-comers).
I'm printing the following onto sign-up sheets (where I know it):

I will bring a number of pre-printed blanks anyway, in the hope someone will run a game they have brought with them!

We anticipate that, like the past two Grand Tribunal Ars Magica conventions, that beyond the scheduled list, there will be informal discussions about running and playing in Ars Magica games, opportunities to talk to some of the authors of Ars Magica books, a freeform game or two and plenty of table top games.

It is up to you to prepare and volunteer to run games.

Tabletop game "The Memory of Ruin" [Edit]

The covenant has discovered an old, ruined castle, and wishes to explore it in the hope of magical discoveries there - but at some risk to themselves. The castle, as it proves, has a history, and there are certain . . . remnants . . . of that history still to be dealt with.

The characters of "Twilight's Inheritance" take a step out into the magical world around their new covenant.

Up to 6 players,

  1. Karl Trygve Kalleberg
  2. Andrew Sceats
  3. Kirstie Sceats
  4. Thomas Sceats
  5. Sheila Thomas
  6. Leif Olaf Josang

sign-up by e-mail: Saxum.Caribetum{at}

Tabletop game "The Unquiet Grave" [Edit]

"Can anyone remember the last time they saw the sun?"
It's been raining for three months. It's getting muddy. Even for Yorkshire.
Worse, every time a perfect ambush is about to come to fruition,
lightning strikes and reveals the plot, usually blinding you and
allowing your prey to make good their escape.
"Yes, in August when we ambushed the bard, I think..."

After hearing what happened in May, the last living Magus in Eyuppus, the Covenant of the Yorkshire Moors sends out his best (and only) men to save Yorkshire from famine and himself from being blamed for it. You are a motely crew of meagre intellectual prowess, but make up for it with enthusiasm and free access to the magic stores of a Winter Covenant. Wonders such as The Helmet of Perfect Hindshight and the Spirits of Spirit Sight will assist you in this pursuit of romance and, well, water.

Number of players: up to 6 Companions.

Saturday 7-10pm:

  1. sign-up by e-mail to: lojosang{at} and cc: saxum.caribetum{at}

Saturday 10pm-late:

  1. Anders Håkon Gaut
  2. Karl Trygve Kalleberg
  3. Andrew Sceats
  4. Kirstie Sceats
  5. Thomas Sceats
  6. last sign-up by e-mail to: lojosang{at} and cc: saxum.caribetum{at}

sign-up by email

prototype of an Ars Magica based board game. [Edit]

Leif tells me he has a prototype of an Ars Magica based board game that he is hoping to demo and get some input on, though he is not entirely sure he will have time to make the pieces and run through the rules once more ( main rules lawyer is staying put in Norway.) :-) One of these games should take less than 2 hours - 90 minutes was our design goal.

Contact: lojosang{at}

Twilight's Inheritance [Edit]

"Julianus Magnus, last magus of the Covenant "Concilium Sylvestris" is deemed to have fallen into Final Twilight and passed beyond the world ... so the Covenant's resources are free to be claimed. You and your companions have been sent by the senior Mages of your own Covenant to locate and claim the lost Vis sources."
An adventure for 6 players: 2 young magi and 4 magical companions. Fun with Realms Of Power: Magic!

  1. sign-up by e-mail: saxum.caribetum{at}

An Ill-fated Meeting [Edit]

"Six senior magi have gathered to argue their covenants' Vis rights for a glade deep in a forest bordered by the lands of their respective covenants. They have been brought together by the skilled negotiator, Septus Trianomae of House Bonisagus, gathered at a Chapter-House of Septus’ Covenant."
An adventure for 6 players: 6 Mystery Cult magi, 40 years past Gauntlet.

  1. Andrew Sceats
  2. Kirstie Sceats
  3. Thomas Sceats
  4. Anders Håkon Gaut
  5. Karl Trygve Kalleberg
  6. last place sign-up by e-mail saxum.caribetum{at}

An Invitation to Dinner [Edit]

A Freeform set in the world of Ars Magica, Mythic Europe.

The Lord Mortain has invited the scholars from Flavius Valerius to dinner as his guests. As Flavius Valerius stands on land which is nominally Lord Mortian's, no doubt they will attend. Word has spread and others also gather for there is a sense of something in the wind. Around him the Lord has his few knights and principal retainers, but what of the scholars and other visitors to his hall? This is just dinner but it may well be an interesting evening's dinner.

The setting is a Lord's Manor in Mythic Europe, at a first glance much like Medieval Europe but the fay are real, there really are legendary powerful wizards closeted away in remote towers and beasts of legend walk the remoter parts.

Players will take the parts of the Lord and a handful of his retainers and the various visiting 'Scholars', but scholar in Mythic Europe is a good cover for Magi, and a few other interesting souls who are at dinner for various reasons. This is primarily a social event.

The games is for around a dozen to nineteen (maximum) players. Pre sign-up it advised, as this makes casting easier, however there is some flexibility for folks to show up on the day but character choice could be quite limited in that case.

I cannot provide a list of characters to avoid giving things away but characters can broadly speaking be split into three groups:
1) Hermetic Magi;
2) Lord/Lady of the manor and various retainers of the manor or of magi;
3) Other folks, for example hedge magicians;

Most characters could be either gender, magi certainly. It makes more sense if knights for example are male but I’m not going to stop anyone playing them though I may leave the characters genders in a handful of cases..
It would be useful to know what sort of character people would like to play, if you prefer high or low social ranks, types of personality. Also anything you specifically don’t want to be cast as, not all hermetic houses are represented but if you detest one and want to play a magus say.

If you would like to play please email me at Mark.mist77{at}
cc: saxum.caribetum{at}

  1. Leif Olav Josang
  2. Andrew Sceats
  3. Kirstie Sceats
  4. Maddy Eid
  5. Martin Ellis
  6. Shelia Thomas
  7. Matthew Coleman
  8. Anders Håkon Gaut
  9. Thomas Sceats
  10. Karl Trygve Kalleberg

The Second Tribunal [Edit]

A systemless freeform for fifteen players.

It is now 770, three years since the formation of the Order. Trianoma has decided that the Founders should have one final meeting together before followers and filii swear the Oath. All of the Founders have wizards waiting to be members of their nascent Houses, but it has been generally - though not unanimously - agreed that the Founders have a few matters that they must settle among themselves. Trianoma has invited two non-Hermetic wizards to attend the meeting: Limarron and Dwaemir (who is the oldest surviving apprentice of Guorna the foetid).

The available characters are:

Bjornaer (f) Laura Knighton
Bonisagus (m) Anders Håkon Gaut
Criamon (m)
Diedne (m) Mark Steedman
Dwaemir, a guest of the Praeco (m)
Flambeau (m) Leif Olav Josang
Guernicus (m) Karl Trygve Kalleberg
Jerbiton (m) Nick Meredith
Limarron, a guest of the Praeco (f) Isobel Hooper
Mercere (m)
Merinita (f) Sheila Thomas
Tremere (m) Thomas Sceats
Trianoma, Praeco (f) Judith Proctor
Tytalus (m)
Verditius (m)

The characters' genders are listed at their default settings, but can be changed to suit the players (if we end up with a female Tremere, for instance, it does not much matter).

The person playing Trianoma will have to run a Tribunal meeting, and whoever chooses to play Criamon should, ideally, enjoy solving puzzles.

Please e-mail me with your choice of character at, andrewsceats{at} cc: saxum.caribetum{at}

When I have a full, or nearly full, complement, I will send out briefs and backgrounds.

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